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“The Coaster that Works”

Our absorbent, moisture drawing coasters provide a unique medium for brewers and breweries to gain name recognition and additional exposure with a coaster that works! The moisture wicking properties of this coaster also eliminate the suction lifting from glass, cans or bottles, no more wet coasters landing in your lap. No more coasters banging on your table or floor, no more droplets of water on the coaster or falling off onto the table and no more rings onto your furniture.

We know branding your products is key to your growth so trust in a product that, even if it is used daily, will last for years, even decades, protecting one’s furniture or bar. It will always remind your customers of your brewery whether they use your coaster for beer, ice water, soda or even a cup of coffee. And the best part is, it works and will be their favorite and most functional coaster they ever bought!

As a retail item, our coasters will provide your retail operation a great return in a very small amount of space. Taking up less than a single square foot for display, it is not uncommon for a brewery to sell more than $5,000 annually as a regular offering of your swag items. And the best part is your customer will have a constant reminder of your brewery for many years to come.

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For more than 15 years we have DONE one thing right

We make coasters that work!



Proudly Made in the USA with natural sandstone and geniune cork

ORDER A Sample Set

For $50 including shipping, we offer a sample set that includes a boxed set of two and a set of four with our gorgeous wooden holder.  If you decide you like them and place an order, we will credit you $50 on your first order (minimum 200 pieces or more).  It’s a WIN WIN for everyone!


Our coasters are naturally absorbent. Moisture is drawn down into the stone, making our coasters not only absorbent, but as moisture dissipates through the stone, it begins to evaporate making these coasters self-renewing. 

Sandstone is a natural occuring sedimentary rock. Depending on the amount of silt, which acts as a cement among the grains of sand, sandstone porosity can range from very porous to almost water resistant. Only a few types of sandstone meet both our need for porosity and strength. Our demanding standards mean that your satisfaction with our products is guaranteed.

The Best in COASTERS

Highly absorbent natural sandstone coasters customized for breweries, wineries and distilleries


Wonderstone is a small business, and we understand how important customer service is. Not every customer needs thousands of coasters, so our minimum orders are kept at a very reasonable levels. When a customer orders something, it is because they want and need it, so we strive to ship orders within one week, complete, with no backorders: 99% of our orders went out that way in 2019 & 2020. We are easy to work with and want each customer to be happy, and will “bend over backwards” to make this happen.

We Deliver

Complete, on-time and low cost flat rate shipping

Eco Friendly

Quarry cut, natural sandstone


Condensation wicks, dissipates and evaporates

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“For five years now, the coasters have been steady sellers. The magnets have sold even better! Great service on their quality products”

– Matt GLIDDEN, Owner and often bartender du jour at Ass Clown Brewing-  Cornelius, North Carolina


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